Astrology Forecast for April 7, 2017 (Julian 097)

Astrology Forecast for April 7, 2017 (Julian 097)

Clear winners and clear losers emerge today.  Sun opposite Jupiter is usually benevolent, but with retrograde season present and this being part of the Sun(+Uranus)-Jupiter-Pluto T-Square “things” can become “big” and “things” can be “blown out of proportion.”  We may be on the edge of a war, a real “hot” war, and this configuration indicates that is a very real possibility, especially with the Venus (Retrograde in Pisces) / Saturn (Retrograde in Sagittarius) square perfecting tomorrow.  See, also, our commentary from Election Day 2016, particular Part 3 in which I predict that a “hot” war is coming (but not as “hot” with Donald Trump as it would have been with Hillary Clinton).

So, what does this mean for most of us in practical day to day terms?  Superb opportunities can be had today, but be careful not to overindulge (too much food, too much spending, too much booze, or too much of anything else).  Saturn (Retrograde) perfects a triseptile to Vesta, so we have an opportunity from an insight regarding some old karma related to church and faith (or “higher thought” or “foreign affairs” or “higher education”) and family (or oceans! or fluids of some kind if you are a chemist).

With a waxing moon in Virgo, some of us can take on home reorganization projects.  That is a VERY good use of our time and energy today!  Today CAN be a fun day, so point it in that direction.

Not sure what all of this means?  Watch this video, it might help!

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  1. Fascinating stuff! I feel very optimistic! Thank you for this forecast, your wisdom is invaluable. I shall go forth into the world, well informed. I like what you say about the oceans. And don’t worry, I won’t over indulge, because I ate a lot of the chocolate yesterday, so there isn’t enough left to over indulge today 🙂

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      1. Vegan chocolate! Absolutely! My favourite is “Moo Free” vegan chocolate! I have eaten nearly three of their Easter eggs this week, two of which were bought as gifts for other people 🙂 I highly recommend them, they are the best chocolate makers I’ve ever tasted!


      2. Blogs give us a chance to experiment and see what works and what does not. I think that they will do nothing less than revolutionize the world because the permit many voices to be heard that were once forced into silence. To find our way, we must risk stumbling sometimes. By the way, I just finished a new piece. I am heading to bed next, so I will pick up our thread after you have had a chance to read it:

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  2. I too am an Aquarian and saw this coming a while ago … I also believe that NWO is beginning and Trumps actions with manipulation by people behind the scenes pulling his strings will hasten the end … Great post shared on friends news

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    1. Thanks for the reblog! If you believe in “alternative time lines,” then the Trump time line does not have quite as hot a war are the Clinton time line. But BOTH contained a “hot war.” My guess is that Clinton would have had nuclear involvement but (hopefully) Trump will not. And, thanks for the encouragement!

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      1. I actually believe we all walk alternative timelines but I hold faith to the one true timeline or as I call it the path of God which we lost our way on the day Jesus walked to Calvary .. This is not as some see a religious belief but from my own personal experience ..which really started over 30 years ago after a dramatic turn in my life … I suppose you could say I saw the light for the first time … Since it gets stronger daily as events in history are changing toward a darker side of life … But I saw as you do Clinton as a dark one … Now I see Trump as being given a chance to change things … But will making America great by his own design work … This l doubt as I was a business man and one day l became a caring man as l decided it was not for me now I am me … But I see glimmers of hope in Trump but which is stronger .. The love of people or money … Watching ….

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