April 16, 2017 (Julian 106)

April 16, 2017 (Julian 106)

Easter is here (rather late this year), and Sun in Aries is nearly done.  For Christians, this is an important day for the faithful.  Sun moves into Taurus April 19th, Pluto stations retrograde April 20th, and a New Moon in Taurus greets us April 25th.

The Moon is EXTREMELY busy today, going void in Sagittarius when it joins Saturn about 1:30 PM CDT.  While Easter might be about mercy and benevolence and second chances (“rebirths”), Moon conjunct Saturn is anything but that, and both are in Sagittarius (the sign, among other things, of organized religion).  From 7 AM CDT to 11 PM CDT we have three lunar trines, and those help things at least a little.

Mars (Taurus) sextiles Venus and Chiron (both in Pisces), and this bodes well, EXTREMELY well, for creatives.  While this is typically a social day, if you are creative you might consider carving out a period of time where you can work alone (unless your creative work involves social events or others in some way).  This will be one of the better days this year for creative work.

Outers are nearly quiet and mostly benevolent EXCEPT for Juno novile Lilith which means that (curiously!) the wife and the mistress might meet and form an alliance.  While rare, such things do happen, and it is bad news for the philanderer.  The wife divorces the philandering spouse and takes the assets and becomes girlfriends with the mistress. While this will not apply to everyone, it will apply to some!  Given that Venus just moved Direct yesterday, this might be overdue!

We only have this to say:  Don’t be the philanderer!

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