April 17, 2017 (Julian 107)

April 17, 2017 (Julian 107)

This is the kind of day that is not clearly good or clearly bad but it is clearly about work and “getting things done” and almost no one is in the mood to play.  Sun trine Saturn is benevolent, sort of, even though Saturn is known as the “Greater Malefic.”  With Moon in Capricorn (Saturn’s home) almost no one has any sympathy for anyone else.  Few people, if anyone, can make excuses work today (even if they are valid!).  Mars (the “Lesser Malefic”) is in unsympathetic Taurus forming the unpleasant aspect called a “quincunx” (or “inconjunct”) with Saturn.  Neither can agree, and both effectively have a miscommunication or “misunderstanding” (all this with Mercury Retrograde!).

Moon forms a sesquiquadrate with Mars, amplifying the intensity of the quincunx, and forms a sextile to Neptune, bringing the confusion that Neptune brings into the muddled mix.  All of this occurs in the evening in the Western Hemisphere and early morning hours of Tuesday in the UK / EU and points east.

Outers are quite busy.  We have already mentioned Mars / Saturn, but Mars also forms a sesquiquadrate to Hygeia, bringing an urgency to health and healthcare issues (which may be the source of issues for a number of people this evening).  Pallas biquintiles the North Node, so some creative problem solving MIGHT help solve the issues of this evening.  Saturn also forms a biquintile, also adding to the possibility of a creative solution.

Staying home this evening and taking a break seems like a good idea, but this might be an evening where the problem(s) come and find you.


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      1. Avoiding perfectionism seems to be wise. Perfectionism tends to halt my creativity. If I get something down on paper (or digital) and then tune it later, then that is when I produce my better work.

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      2. Striving for excellence is to be commended, but when it turns to counter-productive perfectionism that halts creativity then it is no longer worthwhile. Indeed, something are best left to the audience or viewer to complete.

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      3. In reply to your comment about popular culture: I’m the same. I recognise the characters from *the world* without having seen their programmes. I have seen enough to know that Spongebob has a squeaky voice. But he’s a cute character on T shirts and things, isn’t he? I quite like Hello Kitty too, and I’ve never read any of her cartoons. 🙂 I like the original Star Wars best. I haven’t seen the ones with Ewan McGregor, but I did see the recent one with Han Solo in it.
        And about your dream, that is strange, you must have that stuff on your mind 😮 🙂
        (The comments have closed on those other posts)
        Have a nice day!

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      4. I set the comments to close to reduce the spam level. Better to not have the threads get too long anyway. That said, I think dreams do process content that is a bit beneath the surface. To me, they can be useful.

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