April 19, 2017 (Julian 109)

April 19, 2017 (Julian 109)

Today is a day of shifts and changes.  About 5 AM CDT the Moon perfects a square to the Sun that begins the final quarter, the final week, before the New Moon in a week.  About an hour later, the Moon moves into Aquarius.

The Sun is void since yesterday morning, and continues void in late Aries until about 4:30 PM CDT today when it enters what horary astrolgers call the “too early to tell” period.  (That is, they refuse to read a chart in such a window because they say more important information will come about later.)

Fourth Quarter moons are mostly about cleaning and cleanup, and “too early to tell” periods are usually poor for launch new projects.  So are Mercury Retrogrades.  But you can “clean house” and Mercury Retrograde sometimes helps you find lost objects needed to restart old projects on hold.  With the Pluto Retrograde station tomorrow, we would recommend waiting until at least Friday or Saturday before you start something even if it needs to happen this week.

A number of novile-type aspects are present today, so you may have some bright ideas or insights, and retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun shortly past midnight.  Lilith is involved, so “wild sex” might somehow be part of it.  Try not to get into TOO much trouble.  I think SOME creatives, particularly those that work with nudes, might have an amazing evening.  But, do not sign any contracts today.

7 thoughts on “April 19, 2017 (Julian 109)

  1. Greetings friend! Well said… “Mercury Retrograde sometimes helps you find lost objects needed to restart old projects on hold” and for me the lost object was your articles! I had quite a hiatus and not really sure if I am “back” like I was before because I am wearing new skin now. I have no idea what this new incarnation of me looks like since I am looking “from”. You will have to tell me! I have so much to tell you and upcoming posts, I hope, will be published soon. It is all very exciting. My north node return is imminent, conjunct natal Uranus. That should give a hint, does it not? Lol. I’m not in CDT! Namaste! M.A.

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    1. Many blessings! Congrats on your rebirth. I do you recall you; glad to see you back. Do what you can. You already know how it works: the words flow when the time is ripe.


    1. If you need help turning the spigot back on: write a sentence of a minimum of 7 words each day and post it as your entry. Over time, it will grow.


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