May 4, 2017 (Julian 124) Mercury SemiSquare Mars

May 4, 2017 (Julian 124) Mercury SemiSquare Mars

This is the post where I am supposed to tell you “everything is OK now.”  Except, it isn’t.

Mercury, barely direct and not moving quickly, semi-squares Mars today.  Mercury / Mars aspects tend to instigate fights.  So do semi-squares.  Together, they are bad news.

And as has been popular on late night television, “But, wait!  There’s more.”  Moon will quincunx Chiron then Venus (quincunx produces misunderstandings, at best) and Moon semi-squares Jupiter between them.  Remember what we just said about semi-squares?   Well, keep in mind that, among other things, Jupiter is the “amplifier” of the planets: its job is to make things “bigger.”  I bet you can connect the dots as to what that means on a day like this.

And, no, we are NOT finished yet.  Moon will sesquiquadrate Pluto and Mercury today.  The sesquiquadrate is a square and a semi-square combined, and Pluto is all about power struggles (along with death, taxes, “other people’s money,” poisons, police, intelligence agencies….).  Could it get worse?

Yep.  In the Western Hemisphere, the last aspect of the day is Moon (Virgo) square Mars (in Gemini, ruled by the barely moving Mercury).  Mars, as you might recall, is both the “lesser malefic” and the “God of War.”  This perfects about 10:15 PM CDT.

So, do not expect things to let up today re: safety.  You can certainly start to “get things done,” indeed you will have a ton of energy to do just that.  But if you get caught in any dispute or temper tantrum or the like, then things could turn very ugly.  Stay out of those!  (Things have been a bit dicey here in DFW lately.)

Outers are difficult to interpret, but Mars opposite Black Moon Lilith tells me that SOME people will have truly incredible sex today.  If you have a teenager, especially a teenaged daughter, then this might be a particularly bad day for you.  (We no longer permit chastity belts.  And chances are good she will be in a rare “mood.”)

Does this day have ANY good uses?  Yes!  This is a GREAT day to start fixing those Mercury Retrograde glitches as long as you stay out of squabbles.  And, today is a GREAT day to start a new exercise program as long as you do not “overdo it.”  (And we bet at least a few people might need to take care of accounting / tax matters today.)

(But, if that video does not work for you, try this one:)


7 thoughts on “May 4, 2017 (Julian 124) Mercury SemiSquare Mars

  1. that’s a lot of fear mongering dude. I prefer “healthy respect” for these powers, forces, energies. I’m so sentient, they “get” to me when I’m not looking. So I started looking. And YES, there are indeed good aspects and I’ve survived now to tell you about them.

    Here they are; since the run-up to the New Moon, barely 48 hours prior and ever since I have had to: out maneuver scorching Sun rays, wrestled with a surprised Pluto and won by pulling a disappearing act, confronted Saturn about abusing Chiron and won the argument then reconciled them, dodged Uranus’s lightning bolts successfully and redirected them to a hidden enemy who was successfully outed by Eris, won a staring down contest with Mars who was trying to be a bully but overplayed his hand, gave Neptune a hiatus, dismissed its forces for a friend who needed a well-deserved break which was authorized by Venus, ejected a serial killer Moon beam out of the car and held my ground so I could eat which I was able to do a short time later, wrestled Rahu to the ground using Ketu’s wisdom-it was a tie, had Jupiter called to the carpet and put into therapy. Whew, it’s been a busy minute and I’m not even a fighter! It’s all attitude! It’s all trust! I fail with the Trust sometimes…falter, stumble, shake it off, get up again. I am convinced in what I know from my own internal compass, the Guardians, my application of the 12th dimensional Platinum shield, meditation on Source and most of all, my awareness of what exactly is my reason for being here. Glad to be alive. Breathe. Carry on…

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  2. haha,, was that poetry? I thought it was just blowing off a little steam. thanks grant


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