May 8, 2017 (Julian 128) Moon opposes Mercury, Uranus; Thor’s Hammer during Void

May 8, 2017 (Julian 128) Moon opposes Mercury, Uranus; Thor’s Hammer during Void

This day is tricky.  The gift it brings is one of the best opportunities this year for brainstorming and creativity, particularly for writers and other communicators.  The downside is that a Thor’s Hammer forms during the void this evening, with the Moon at apex and Mars / Neptune on each leg.  (Work by yourself during that period if at all possible.)  Moon moves into Scorpio at Midnight CDT starting the ramp up to the Full Moon on May 10th.

Early morning hours find Moon square Pluto about 3 AM CDT, and some people have trouble sleeping or, worse, some kind of quarrel or disagreement.  Stay out of those today if you can.

This afternoon Moon opposes Mercury shortly before 3 PM CDT and opposes Uranus an hour later.  While the afternoon is the peak period for creativity and productivity in creative arts, the entire day is a strong one.

Moon moves void of course at almost exactly 6 PM CDT after a relatively benevolent sextile to Saturn.  Avoid purchases and all but the most routine activities during this period.  Moon forms a sesquiquadrate (one leg of the Thor’s Hammer) with Mars (Gemini) shortly past 6 PM CDT and another sesquiquadrate with Neptune (Pisces) shortly before 10 PM CDT.  This is a very “energetic” period in which you can accomplish much, subject to revision, but also a potentially dangerous period or a period of purchases which produce deep regrets.  Even if your writings (or other creative works) require revisions later, please persist.  Just do NOT hit the “send” button on an email or make other “permanent” commitment until after a review some time on Tuesday (after you have “slept on it”).

We could stop there, but more applies.  Mars biquintiles Astraea, giving extra potency to legal documents or legislation drafted at this time.  (Just make damned sure what you draft is really what you want!)  Neptune binoviles Ceres, and creatives might make some money out of their projects.  (Good news o me!)  Jupiter quadrinoviles Ceres, amplifying the effect of possible monetization (or, literally, putting “food” on your table).  Finally, Pluto noviles Black Moon Lilith, presenting an intense romantic opportunity for those so inclined (keeping in mind the warning about the Moon v/c).  Creatives can also harness this to produce more “unusual” work (example: “erotica”).

All in all, this will be a memorable and important day for at least some of us.

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