May 9, 2017 (Julian 129) Moon in Scorpio Waxing

May 9, 2017 (Julian 129) Moon in Scorpio Waxing

Lunar aspects are relatively few today.  Shortly before 1 PM CDT, Moon perfects a quincunx with Venus.  Although this aspect is unpleasant, it passes relatively quickly.  About 35 minutes later, Moon perfects a trine with Pluto.  This could be useful for research or investigations.  No other routine lunar aspects occur today.  (We are not looking at higher order lunar aspects at this time.)

Outers are busier, and they tend to produce an undercurrent of annoyance.  Mars biquintiles Juno, the kind of aspect that favors women contemplating divorce along with their lawyers.  (This gives them a brainstorm.)  Other women and the men they hire or manipulate into attacking others are also favored.  Pallas (the warrior goddess) squares Hygeia (health and healthcare), possibly bringing either ideas or annoyance (or both) to those working in the healthcare field.  Finally, Ceres forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto, raising issues with those on diets or those who are struggling with “prosperity issues.”

This is a day with annoyances, and you will certainly feel an urge to “get things done.”

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      1. 🙂 It’s tricky to know when to push yourself and when to take it easy. Zen says you should do fewer things, and do them more slowly. 🙂 That way, you won’t exhaust yourself by setting yourself up with unachievable targets. It’s really good to find satisfaction in small achievements 🙂 I read that the other day, and I keep reminding myself of it 🙂 It’s so easy to over schedule!! XD


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