June 12, 2017 (Julian 163) Moon in Capricorn then Aquarius

June 12, 2017 (Julian 163) Moon in Capricorn then Aquarius

Moon in Capricorn turns void 1:43 PM CDT (11:43 AM PDT / 2:43 PM EDT / 7:43 London)  and five hours later moves into Aquarius at 6:44 PM CDT (and “too early to tell” for most of the rest of the evening).   That means you need to wrap up yesterday’s chores in the morning and anything else you can bring closure to before the void begins.

Moon void in Capricorn taught me an important lesson years ago, and I never forgot it.  This is the lesson: “as long as your request is reasonable, you will get precisely what you ask for.”  Purchasing a blender to make smoothies?  Find an incredible one “on sale”?  GREAT!  And when you get it home, you will find it is superb for making the intended smoothies.  But chances are good that it will be absolutely useless for any other blender chores.  If you make a purchase, or take on some short term profit, make certain what you want is exactly what you need.

Since the void begins with a square to Uranus (surprises, unexpected events, and sometimes people or places that explode), be extra careful during this void.

Outers are complex.  Perfection of Neptune quintile Sedna near 10 PM CDT may provide a bright idea about how to help people who have been victimized, at least we hope it goes that way.  Astraea perfects a sesquiquadrate to White Moon, and we have an urgent need to assert our identity in some legal matter.  Please note that these aspects may go together, and we may see certain important crimes solved and justice served.  Uranus biseptiles Astraea, and major “karma” comes to certain bad guys who never see it coming.

Recently, we have been off by a day on these forecasts, so these last few predictions might manifest on Sunday or Tuesday.  And do know that bad guys can become dangerous when they are cornered. so be extra careful.