2020-04-07 : Full Moon in Most of North America (9:34 PM CDT);

These aspects have been discussed elsewhere. We will provide only a minimal analysis at this time, but may reference this date and these aspects in future posts (such as in a more detailed analysis of the upcoming Full Moon). In this post, we specifically offer the DayPages: Marsout, Sunout, Moonout, and SunMoon, in that order.

  • Pluto Sesquiquadrate Hygeia: Multiple interpretations but the obvious one is “death” canuses “health and healthcare” to panic (it’s obvious, right?); Also: police and military INTERFERE with what healthcare providers are trying to do, making the situation worse.
  • Mars Square Uranus: one of the ultimate aspects to make “things go boom.”  Accidents are more likely and tempers flare.  Avoid dangerous people, places and things if you can.  This aspect makes even “normal” people into “lunatics” on this full moon!
  • Astraea enters Leo:  issues of justice, law, and legal matters affects managers of all kinds from basic managers of retail shops all the way up to the President.
  • Pluto semisextiles Ceres, giving us some relief, finally, in our supply chains.  No doubt about it, police & military are part of supply chains at this time.
  • Mercury sextile Pluto: comparatively friendly conversations over “deep” and “important” topics, especially regarding mortality, happen at this time.
  • Although Pluto and Hygeia are in conflict, the Sun supports Hygeia in a “karmic” fashion: learning lessons and adjusting accordingly. (Sun septile Hygeia)
    This could be good Samaritans in the public helping in healthcare settings.


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