2020-04-11 :

Some days are “quiet” if astrologers only use seven, or maybe ten, “planets” and traditional “ptolemaic” aspects.  These are days when that approach leaves astrologers in a position to “fudge.”

We avoid this problem, most of the time, by including some rather exotic aspects that occur with some equally exotic “planets” (many of which are not “planets” at all but asteroids or other objects or “calculated points” such as Selena (White Moon) and “Black Moon Lillith.”

That said, here is the Marsout daypage for April 11th:

Our interpretations of this day:

  • Mars biseptiles Selena at 0206 AM (CDT), which is past as we write this, and at 1939 CDT (7:39 PM) sextiles Black Moon Lillith.  What does this mean?  It means that, with Selena, we are called to action to reach for our highest good and highest accomplishment.  But, by Saturday night, we become focused on our more lustful side, particularly as it regards sex.  Frankly, for many of us, it is a GREAT night for, um, “romance.”
  • Saturn opposes Astraea: this is a “big picture” aspect.  Both of them are in their respective “too early to tell” positions, but they indicate a fight between authority sources (non-legal authority, particularly the financial sector versus legal authority, such as attorneys and the court system).  It is an ugly fight, and in many cases nobody can “win.”  Avoid such fights (perfects at 1317 CDT, 1:17 PM) if you can, unless it is your job.  If it is your job to be a lawyer or some other combatant, keep in mind that you might not get what you truly desire on this date, and whatever you do get will need to be revisited again, possibly at the next Mercury Retrograde.
  • Juno sesquiquadrates Ceres at 2203 CDT (10:03 PM) and some couples or households have a bit of a squabble out food, money, or other resources.  You will have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to spend your time and money on this squabble.
  • Chiron noviles Ceres at 2321 CDT (11:21 PM), and some of us have a flash of insight as to how to solve the aforementioned Juno / Ceres issue.  Pay attention to the ideas that pop into your head, and consider writing them down.

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