2020-04-13 : Mars Novile Neptune; Moon BiSeptile Sun


Today is relatively quiet, so we avoid a detailed analysis.
However, a single outer planet aspect is worthy of exploration: Mars (in Aquarius) perfects a novile to Neptune (in Pisces for a number of years before and after today).

Mars / Neptune is notorious. Bill Clinton’s birth chart contained a Mars / Neptune aspect. It tends to give the gift of gab, and in a natal chart it can produce a president.
Noviles involve subtle, but typically powerful, insights, so-called “Aha!” moments. These can be breakthroughs. The Mars / Neptune novile perfects at 1352 CDT (1:52 PM Central Time), but it likely influences all of today and maybe the days leading up to today and possibly as far back as all of last week and the rest of this week. As we always recommend for this kind of thing, keep notebooks, recorders, cameras, and sketchpads handy to capture those ideas and insights.

Moon / Sun form a BiSeptile at 1556 CDT (3:56 PM Central Time). This amplifies the effect of the Mars / Neptune Novile, and it is a good time to clean up old messes, clean house (and maybe find lost objects), and take action to finish unfinished business. We think this BiSeptile aspect is good for most of the afternoon and into the evening. Act accordingly.

Moon also forms a BiQuintile with Venus at 2252 CDT (9:52 PM Central Time).  This is useful for “Aha!” moments also in anything that involves art, beauty, harmony, finances, or romance.  Sculptors and poets might especially wish to take advantage of this.

One last comment: both Venus and Pluto will be going retrograde soon.  Chances are good that you are already feeling this, and it will continue to build.

The two of these entering retrograde periods mean that glitches and gotchas and “Aha!” moments (regarding the need for change) will be popping up in areas involving art, beauty, finance, and relationships as well as the oil & gas industry, taxes & inheritances, police, intelligence agencies, and funeral homes and others who deal with the dead and dying.  Some of this seems obvious (from the Covid19 Pandemic), but the issues will BUILD, not decrease, and you need to be planning your safe harbors accordingly.






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