2020-04-22 (4-4-4) New Moon in Taurus + conjunct Uranus


We have a New Moon in Taurus that has been written about extensively elsewhere.  Worthy of note is that Sun / Moon are also conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and this likely brings insights (high form), surprises (middle form), or accidents (low form).

This day also contains Ceres Novile Blackmoon Lilith (BML).  Anybody’s guess as to what that could mean, but it means that the grain goddess of prosperity (and supply chains and markets) is conspiring with the wild woman of undomesticated passion to bring us some new ideas.  Do not be surprised if the fashion and cosmetics industries come out with something completely new on this day or in the next few weeks.

Pluto forms a quintile to Chiron, and we have brainstorming about issues of death (Pluto) and healing (Chiron) along with the idea that the radical transformations that those two can bring might lead us (both collectively and individual) into the dawning of a new awareness.  No doubt the numerology of this date (4-4-4) confirms the possibility of such insights.  Mercury’s quintile to the North Node (Rahu, the Head of the Dragon) confirms the possibility of breakthrough ideas.  Mercury also chats with Neptune, so some creatives might have a good day producing the quality of work that speaks to both our hearts and our heads.



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2020-04-22 Time Map