April 26, 2017 (Julian 116) New Moon in Taurus

April 26, 2017 (Julian 116) New Moon in Taurus

First: you may wish to check our blog: “New Moons Only.”  At NMO, we collect posts that strictly relate to New Moons.  Most are specifically addressed to the NM, but a few might be “day of” forecasts.  This blog such provide a significant number of different viewpoints and forecasts that you can find one that best fits your needs and perspective.

According to Cafe Astrology, “The NEW MOON occurs on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 8:16 AM EDT.,” which is 7:16 AM CDT.  (Adjust according to your time zone.)  Since a number of in-depth analyses can be found at New Moons Only, we will only say that this NM provides an opportunity to examine matters of health, beauty, finances, or similar related topics.

Cafe Astrology also says this: “It’s time to “stop and smell the roses” and to become more aware of what makes us feel comfortable and secure. This is an excellent cycle under which to re-evaluate our relationship to money and possessions, as well as to discover what truly makes us happy and fulfilled.”  We agree and offer the classic rock music video below (“Grazing the the Grass”).  (If you are clicking the link some time after this week in 2017, keep in mind that Cafe Astrology updates this particular part of their site with whatever are the current forecasts.)

With a number of planets retrograde, a smart strategy is to look at old projects in these areasthat might be worth resurrecting.  Did you have a “New Years Resolution” that was unrealistic and failed?  Maybe you can adjust it, bring it into alignment with reality, and turn it into an important and successful personal change at this time.

We do reserve the right to do a “post hoc” (after the fact) NM analysis (though we prefer NOT to do those).

The following Full Moon (Moon in Scorpio) is May 10th, after Mercury turns direct but is still in the “shadow period” (until May 20th).  Each of these subsequent events are turning points where you can “tune” some project you have re-launched to make it better or more realistic or terminate it if it still is not working.

We note that Mercury (in Aries) is near Uranus (in Aries) and about to conjunct Uranus.  What does that mean?  It means that writing projects, news and journalism projects (and blogging), and other projects can benefit from a launch now.

We note a caveat: Venus (the ruler of Taurus, and therefore over this New Moon) is late in Pisces (29 Pisces) and void of course.  Some things that happen at this time may seem like “fate” and out of your control.  Others are not quite ready to launch and you will need to wait a few days (at least until Venus enters Aries on April 28th) or until after Mercury moves direct (after May 3rd).  Only you truly know what applies best in your situation, so use this guidance accordingly.

Mars is quite active at this time, forming sesquiquadrates with both Pluto and Jupiter.  Regular (and long-term) readers of Grandtrines will recognize this pattern: it is a Thor’s Hammer.  Mars is at the apex, and Mars with Pluto / Jupiter is one of the worst possible combinations.  The pattern is a dangerous one, associated with dangerous people, places, and things.  We recommend sticking with the safest possible alternatives at this time, avoiding dangerous people, places, and things (and avoid being one of those), and maintaining the best possible relations with others.

One last point: Mars perfects both sesquiquadrates tomorrow, which may be even more dangerous than today.  (We live in dangerous times, but you already knew that.  Sometimes astrology confirms what we already know.)  Consistently pick the safe option here!

A Grand Trine is present (Mercury / Uranus in Aries, North Node in Late Leo / Early Virgo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Some people, notable fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and maybe air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) will have important opportunities at this time.

Lunar aspects are fairly ordinary, but you may feel a sense of urgency about 8 PM CDT and frustration about 10 PM CDT.  Whatever you are working on, finish it as early in the day as you can or defer it until tomorrow.

Outers are interesting.  Mars binovile Neptune can favor scammers OR it can give the “marks” a glimpse into what is “really going on” and how to handle it.  Mars novile Eris can, similarly, provide an insight into some aspect of “chaos” in our life and maybe how to handle it.  Pay attention; these messages are important.

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First blog post

Another Grand Trines spinoff blog?  Yep.  I need a repository for the informal daily posts that I place on the front page of Grand Trines.  This will be it.  No plans for reblogs here, just my own informal predictions.  However, not everything will be astrology.  Some of it will be my own unvarnished opinion about current events, and not based in astrology at all.

We are also using a new WordPress theme, so a bit of time may be required to “tune” it and adjust.  Stick with us.

April 4, 2017 (Julian Date: 094)

“Things” have been “weird” “around here” “lately.”  (All forms of emphasis intended.)  Connectivity problems have prevented me from making the timely updates that most of my readers require.  So I am getting out the retrograde / full moon reblogs as fast as I can, anticipating that “things” may worsen.  Stay tuned, same Bat Channel, hopefully (maybe) the same Bat Time….

More Spinoffs

Given the Retrograde Season currently (April, 2017), we are spinning off a few new blogs that we have been thinking about for some time:

  • Retrogrades Only (Just what it says: all posts focus on retrogrades; many reblogs!)
  • Full Moons Only (Just what it says: all posts focus on Full Moons; many reblogs!)
  • New Moons Only (Just what it says: all posts focus on Full Moons; many reblogs!)

Getting the bugs out of a new blog takes, at a minimum, a few days or a week, and possibly as much as a few months.  Stick with us as we develop these new blogs and tune our existing blogs.

More Generally….

Mercury stations retrograde again (It’s Baaack!) on April 9th. (We REALLY like this page about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde by Melanie Lichtinger.)  Since we are in the “shadow” period now, glitches and re-dos begin to face us.  Your “window of opportunity” is closing.  (But another one opens: the opportunity to revisit old projects you thought were dead.  Maybe, now, the time is right to launch them!)

We also feel the coming Jupiter / Pluto square on March 30th (second in a series of two), and this speaks of action involving certain kinds of projects on hold (Jupiter has been retrograde for some time) or preparation now for a launch in June.