2020-05-01 : Beltane; Moon v/c at 11 AM Central (take a day off); Sun septile Neptune; Helio Uranus trine Astraea

2020-05-01 : Beltane; Moon v/c at 11 AM Central (take a day off); Sun septile Neptune; Helio Uranus trine Astraea


First, to those readers who celebrate Beltane (or MayDay): Happy Beltane!

Beltane is associated with a “Cross Quarter Day,” each of those associated with the 15 degree point (middle) of each of the four fixed signs: Taurus (Beltane), Leo, Scorpio (Halloween or Samhain), and Aquarius (varies, but typically Valentine’s Day).  Latin cultures celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which is actually closer to (or the same as) the 15 degree point.  Some years, the fifteen degree point is on the fourth, now also celebrated as a holiday honoring Star Wars (“May the Fourth Be With You”)

Also celebrated near this time is Wesak, a holiday based on the Full Moon at this time (Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurus).  Buddhists, and those who live in predominantly Buddhist nations, honor this day.

Slightly past 11 AM Central (1100 CDT), Leo Moon moves void of course and remains void until past midnight, making this an excellent day to “take off.”  Exactly what that means during a pandemic in which “shelter at home” orders have expired in many states in the United States is uncertain.  But, during the void, Moon will form quincunx aspects (the aspect of “false hopes” and miscommunications) with Jupiter and Pluto (both in Capricorn).  These can lead to some unpleasant experiences from 5 PM (CDT) to past sunset (until about 9 PM CDT).  If you are expecting a fun time at a movie or restaurant, a distinct possibility exists that you may be disappointed.

And, just because the moon is v/c for most of the day does NOT mean the day is “quiet.”  Some of us are still reeling from the Mercury / Uranus conjunction yesterday (along with the impact of Vesta / Eris).  Today has ANOTHER Eris aspect, Juno quinundecile Eris at 3:54 AM Central (0354 CDT), and we find that rather difficult to interpret.  This is a sufficiently abstract aspect that we resist the temptation to address it.  Regardless, expect important news to break overnight, something that could involve a betrayal and chaos resulting from that betrayal.  This might be a good time to follow a “hunch” about any matter that could involve safety.

  • Saturn sesquiquadrate Hygeia: authorities push harder (if that is even possible) for resolution of health and healthcare issues (presumably Covid19, but possibly other issues as well).
  • Helio Uranus trines Astraea: a breakthrough for legal matters (and lawyers), but almost certainly in the form of a surprise or unexpected result.  If you have anything to do with the legal system, including a pending matter, expect a breakthrough today, a seismic shift.
  • Sun septile Neptune: the moon might be void (and none of Mr. Shawvan’s “Opportunity Periods” today), but some people will have remarkable experiences.  Poets, photographers, videographers, and musicians might have a “mysterious coincidence,” such as a “chance meeting,” that springboards them into a masterwork.
  • Moon is profoundly “busy” despite the void (which is calculated using Ptolemaic, or traditional, aspects): two quadrinoviles; three members of the Septile family (think “remarkable coincidences”); two sesquiquadrates (URGENCY!) and others.  “Things” may not turn out as you have expected, and some disappointments may be had, but this could be a memorable day for the insights and “Aha!” moments you have, particularly if you are a Creative.
  • Mercury is also busy: six (6) aspects (tropical, geocentric) and also (by another method of calculation) six (6) aspects (heliocentric).  No matter how you look at it, Mercury is busy today and matters of communication and transportation are at the forefront.  As we always warn on such mercurial days: be careful regarding criminality.  (If it sounds “too good to be true,” then it probably is.)

Stay safe, and try not to take anything TOO seriously on this most “unusual” day.


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Marsout (Helio)

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Sunout (Helio)

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