2020-04-20 : Moon enters Aries & Conjuncts Chiron; Venus conjunct Hygeia; Juno opposes Black Moon Lilth

2020-04-20 : Moon enters Aries & Conjuncts Chiron; Venus conjunct Hygeia; Juno opposes Black Moon Lilth

April 20th of 2020

Numerologists over the internet are noting this date: 2020-04-20, but we will only note that and not address it further.

Today is Hitler’s Birthday, his 131st birthday.  Taurus produced both Hitler and George Takei.   Regardless of your sun sign, but especially if you are a Taurus, ask this question: which are you?

(“Neither” is an acceptable answer if you beat your own drum.)

Today is also “420 Day.”  We are not an advocate of illegal activity, but do advocate for decriminalization (at a minimum) of the ancient herb and complete legalization for medical use authorized by prescription from a licensed healthcare provide.  If you do partake, please do not drive under the influence.


This post comes late, most of the aspects in hindsight.  We are “tuning” our processes, and hope to have timely delivery of material.  But, then again, this *IS* the “Irregular Oracle,” so you are hereby notified that not all “forecasts” are timely.  (If we were paid a suitable amount of money, that could change.  But, for now, it is a labor of love and not a “day job.”

  1. Moon enters Aries in the early morning hours and conjuncts Chiron a bit later.  Emotions and “wounded healer” issues bubble to the surface, but that is not a secret with protests regarding social distancing and “stay at home” (or “shelter in place”) orders.  Even more to the point: physicians’ practices that keep many patients out of the hospital are becoming financially illiquid (out of cash; unable to pay employees or buy supplies) and these “wounded healers” are needed to keep the healthcare system from collapsing.
  2. Juno opposes Black Moon Lilith this evening.  To listen to proponents of BML, we would come to believe that all women want to embrace the wild demon woman inside.  That even sounds appealing in some ways.  But the more practical ladies (Juno) are up in arms, angry and complaining that it is not just males that are unhappy with the kind of thing that BML represents.
    No one can win in this battle, but the lines are drawn.
    In practical terms, BML represents “the other woman,” and Juno represents angry wives, daughters, and sisters who are not about to tolerate “the other woman.”  Don’t be surprised in we have female on female violence tonight, they kind of thing where an angry wife does what we expect an unhappy husband to do: shoot someone.  (Or send “marijuana brownies” that are also laced with white oleander.)
    (As an aside, we noticed now that Juno (wife / daughter / sister) forms a favorable aspect with Astraea (law and legal).  Wife / daughter CAN WIN here; she has a lawyer in her pocket (likely a female lawyer, Astraea) who can make things “uncomfortable” for “the other woman.”
  3. Venus joins Hygeia amplifies the Moon conjunct Chiron lessons.  Just in case we missed it, Venus / Hygeia makes certain that we do not.  The word is out on certain issues, and Venus / Hygeia make certain that it is shouted.

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