2020-04-24 : Mars Sesquiquadrates North Node; Moon squares Mars; Sun Semisquare Neptune

2020-04-24 : Mars Sesquiquadrates North Node; Moon squares Mars; Sun Semisquare Neptune


As we said yesterday: Mars sesquiquadrates North Node, and all hell breaks loose.  That’s the kind of talk that is dangerous for an astrologer to say.  Sometimes we get things wrong, and then we have egg on our face.  But, I am saying it.  Mars CAN be helpful, but it is known as the “Lesser Malefic” for good reason: it usually leads to violence, physical violence.  An only slightly higher form has it leading to hurtful words, the kind that sometimes end a relationship.  Athletes (and other martians, such as police) can sometimes channel this into something beneficial.

The sesquiquadrate aspect itself is, effectively, martian in nature and NOT usually any high form.  The North Node, also known as “Ketu” or the “Dragon’s Head,” is about “working through karma.  The vedic astrologers think this is good because we can “learn lessons.”  Maybe so, but those “lessons” are invariably unpleasant as hell at the time.

All of this is exacerbated by the Moon (in Taurus) which squares Mars (in Aquarius) and sets up a hard aspects pattern with the nodes.  (We might revise this entry later to examine this pattern more closely.)

No other outers make aspects, making this one more pronounced in its effect.

Sun semisquare Neptune perfects about four hours later, adding confusion to the mess (but possibly empowering creatives, such as poets and photographers, to derive creative works from these difficult situations).

Mercury is applying to a square to Pluto, which stations retrograde tomorrow.  For all practical purposes, Pluto can be treated as retrograde.  The Mercury / Pluto square is yet another indicator of a “difficult,” likely dangerous, day.  Avoid dangerous people, places, and things on this date.

Mercury forms a septile to Hygeia, more karma but also the potential to learn important insights. Sun noviles Hygeia, confirming the message of Mercury (or is it the other way around?).  Sun triseptiles Juno, leaving me wondering if we are going to see a female shooter on this date.  On the other hand, a female relative may be the person who provides a key insight to solving the problem.

Listen close: kind words to others today, people!  You have no idea what someone else is going through or how fragile or how dangerous they are.


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