2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects

2020-04-29 : Moon in Cancer moves void then into Leo; Sun biseptile Jupiter; Higher order Mercury aspects


Today is effectively two days compacted into one, and arguable three.  Before 2:27 PM CDT, Moon is in Cancer and has a number of statements to make.  Moon in Cancer is the strongest possible position for the Moon, so we need to pay attention.  Chances are good that we will have some kind of shift involving the petroleum industry.

But after the void, things go sideways.  Some prosper and some do not.

Moon enters Leo, and stays in “too early to tell” (as the horary practitioners call the early degrees of a sign) through the end of the day (midnight).

Mercury (Helio) forms seven (7) aspects.  Five are in the novile and undecile family (moments of brief but intense insight), one is a quintile to Hygeia (indicating a possible breakthrough in healthcare), and one is a square to Jupiter.  What does a heliocentric square to Jupiter by Mercury mean?  We are not certain, but we will interpret it thus: a conflict exists between transportation / communications (on one hand) and the more expansive uses of governmental power, including universities (and “experts”), law and the legal system, and international affairs (especially international travel).  The mercurial side wants to “get things done” while the Jupiter side wants “higher order thought” in play.  Both are right and both are wrong today.  In the U.S., this likely manifests with the ongoing conflicts of whether or not to “re-open” the U.S. as well as questions as to whether or not that will lead to a second wave.”

In this article, J Buss indicates that the septile (family) is the most important aspect (family of aspects).  While I have heard it described elsewhere as powerful insights related to “karma,” J Buss argues that it is about timing.  The two viewpoints can co-exist.  Arguably, they should co-exist.

Here is an excerpt of the article from J Buss:

I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing. Think about that Prophesy that you’d meet your Soulmate in the Produce Department. Unless your Soulmate works there, your Chances of meeting them are pretty slim if you don’t also know What Time You Need to Be There! Of course it’d be Intuitive, but the “Left” Brain will understand what we mean.

Obscure humor about produce aside, today has Sun biseptile Jupiter.  We think this could be a subtle, but important, turning point in terms of “timing” (particularly as it applies to the Covid19 pandemic).  This is especially true given the many high order Mercury (helio) transits.

Pallas enters Aquarius, and important actions will soon be taken regarding ourselves as a collective.  Chiron trine Astraea offers some important solutions involving both healthcare and law & legal.

  • Moon v/c in Cancer at 2:27 PM Central (1427 CDT) 
  • Moon enters Leo at 8:06 PM Central (2006 CDT) 
  • Moon quintile Sun
  • Moon binovile Sun
  • Moon trine Neptune
  • Moon opposite Pluto
  • Sun biseptile Jupiter
  • Mercury square Jupiter (Helio)
  • Mercury triseptile Juno
  • Mercury semisquare Venus
  • Pallas enters Aquarius
  • Chiron trine Astraea


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Marsout (Helio)


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Sunout (Helio)

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2020-04-23 : Ceres into Pisces; Mars BiNovile Uranus; Neptune Sesquiquadrate Astraea

2020-04-23 : Ceres into Pisces; Mars BiNovile Uranus; Neptune Sesquiquadrate Astraea


Today is full of glitches, but it also has opportunities to solve problems.  Do that today.  Tomorrow, Mars sesquiquadrates the North Node (Rahu, the Dragon’s Head) and all Hell breaks loose for some, maybe many, of us.  And Saturday, Pluto stations retrograde, making things worse.

Fix everything you can today; tomorrow might be too late.


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Outers are the most interesting part of the day although the entire day is active.  Ceres enters Pisces.  This is a mixed bag.  The “Grain Goddess” (that likely governs supply chains and markets in the modern world) has moved into Pisces, possibly good for healing issues but also introducing confusion into our supply chains and marketplaces.  (Given the events of the Pandemic so far, it “feels” like she has been there for a month.)  Bottom line: expect more weirdness in these areas.  (Along with humorous songs and videos and photographs)

Criminality (especially involving theft by misdirection) may become a problem at this time.  (“That truck was supposed to be sent to Las Vegas,” but it was routed elsewhere and “disappeared.”  If it is ever found, the missing food or pharmaceuticals are long gone.)

Mars binoviles Uranus, giving some of us smart ideas about how to take action more effectively. As is true with all Mars / Uranus aspects, a “low side” exists and it almost always involves “accidents” (and failure to plan).  Even there, the possibility of ingenious ideas emerges.

Neptune sesquiquadrate Astraea introduces confusion into legal settings and legal issues.  Those working in these areas should expect smokescreens, attempted cover-ups, and misdirection.  Others will be at risk of having their misdeeds (finally!) uncovered.  These are all low to mid forms.  The high forms will have legal documents that, oddly, read like poetry and even actual poetry or art about the legal system.  GREAT times for television shows about the law and law firms (but not necessarily so much for procedural crime dramas that focus on the police to the exclusion of the attorneys).

We leave the other aspects uninterpreted as an “exercise” for those wishing to dive into them.


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Sunout aspects, the kind most astrologers read, show Mercury activity dominating the day, meaning that issues of transportation and communication become important.  (How this fits with the confusion of Ceres in Pisces remains an open question.)

The four Mercury aspects are these:

  • Mercury BiNovile Saturn (a smart solution to properly processing details)
  • Mercury BiSeptile Astraea (legal issues and solutions to them)
  • Mercury Septile Vesta (how we have always done things)
  • Mercury Septile Ceres (those supply chain questions, again)

This is yet another day where the battle cries of “but we have always done it this way” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” are simply NOT the right answer.  Places where the system is broken leap out like a walrus covered in Hunter’s Orange.  Holes in the system practically glow incandescent.

Do not be stupid: fix it!

And, just because you develop a smart solution to processing details does not mean that you can completely ignore them.  That is also folly.  Followup checks and tests are needed today.  We cannot afford to have milk or produce or other food destroyed simply because our supply chains are not equipped to handle the problems.  (And this applies to other matters as well.)

Time to fix it, make certain it is fixed, and move forward. 

Tomorrow, “things” become different.


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The core issues of the day have been covered.  The moon forms biseptile aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, further emphasizing the “karmic” and “lessons learned” aspects of the day along with the possibility of breakthrough ideas.

Moon also forms a novile aspect to Venus and binovile aspect to Mars, again emphasizing windows of insight that can become windows of opportunity for those inclined to see those.  As we always say with regard to this: keep a notepad handy.  Today’s Martian emphasis might mean that you need to seize the moment and take action, also, when the window presents itself.

Sun and Moon both remain in Taurus though the New Moon perfected late yesterday.  While this tends to bode well for art, love, harmony, and finances, some people may not be willing to budge from their positions.  This does not bode well for problems in the system that the “we have always done it that way” crowd do not wish to recognize.

Table of Aspects

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Time Map

2020-04-23 Time Map