2020-04-25 : Pluto Stations Retrograde; Chiron Quadrinovile Selena; Mercury Square Pluto

2020-04-25 : Pluto Stations Retrograde; Chiron Quadrinovile Selena; Mercury Square Pluto


Pluto stations retrograde today.  With a 240 year orbit, an “eccentric” orbit that varies in speed, we have felt this for some time, weeks.  Others have written about this extensively and we will not duplicate those comments here except to say that this is a bad time for most Scorpios and a fair number of those related to Pluto (detectives and morticians and intelligence agencies).

Chiron quadrinoviles Selena.  This is a particularly esoteric combination, not easy to interpret.  But the most literal interpretation tells us that this part of ourselves that is tied to the “wounded healer” connects to that part of ourselves that is our “highest and best” calling to produce an insight, an important insight that is easily missed or overlooked.  If you can avoid the anger and violence of the day, this can be a breakthrough moment.

Venus novile Uranus also brings an important insight, maybe amplifying the one you have.  Again, capture it, write it down, lest it escape you.

Mercury square Pluto has also been discussed elsewhere, but (to repeat) it brings angry words and sometimes physical violence.  Be wary of dangerous people, places, and things.

We will not say that this will be an easy weekend.  But, you can learn important lessons from it.





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Time Map

2020-04-25 Time Map

April 20, 2017 (Julian 110)

April 20, 2017 (Julian 110)

Pluto stations retrograde today, and that is the headline news.  Matters involving death, taxes, investigations, homicides, and power structures bear deeper scrutiny at this time.  Certain secrets come to light.  Aries / Cancer / Libra / Capricorn (Cardinal Signs) are affected the most, but so are Taurus and Virgo.  Others tend to be bystanders or have reduced roles (unless you have a number of Cardinal planets in your natal chart).

Sun is in Taurus, Moon is in Aquarius (and Last Quarter), and (as we mentioned) Pluto stations retrograde today.  Mercury joins the Sun about 1 AM CDT.  Moon perfects semi-squares to Chiron and Venus (both in Pisces) in the early morning hours and some of us have a sense of urgency involving health, beauty, or maybe finances.  This is a great day for “home cleanup” if that is an option for you; some will find important misplaced items (or ideas about misused resources that need to be re-allocated(.  Moon also perfects a semi-square to Jupiter at this time, amplifying this sense of urgency.  (For some this may involving educational matters.)

Retrograde Mercury is void since about 1 AM CDT until it moves into Aries shortly before 1 PM CDT.  One misplaced item might be found but another lost.  It all seems to madness.

However, near 2 PM CDT Moon (Aquarius) trines Jupiter (Libra) and most people gain something of benefit, particularly air and fire signs.  This can be a good time to apply for a job or, alternatively, to obtain a good deal on an important purchase.

Jupiter binoviles Vesta, and some of us have important insights involving the traditions of home and family.