2020-04-27 : Moon moves into Cancer; Mercury moves into Taurus; Sun BiSeptile Pluto; Uranus Septile Vesta

2020-04-27 : Moon moves into Cancer; Mercury moves into Taurus; Sun BiSeptile Pluto; Uranus Septile Vesta

  • Moon septiles Sun before Noon: a minor karmic lesson that COULD yield an insight
  • Moon moves into Cancer: a break for water and earth signs
  • Mercury moves into Taurus: communications become more deliberate and transportation slows; Mercury is quite active and criminality and deception could be a problem
  • Uranus Septile Vesta: status quo & traditions are challenged today
  • Sun BiSeptile Pluto brings karmic lessons that can be an “Aha!” moment


We begin by noting that the Moon septiles the Sun slightly past 11 AM CDT (1100 Central), sextiles Mercury at 11:58 AM (1158 CDT), and is void for half an hour until it enters its home, Cancer.  Moon remains in the early degrees that horary practitioners call “too early to tell” for the afternoon and into the evening.

Outers are mostly quiet.  The most significant event with outers involves Uranus (aka Prometheus) forming a septile with Vesta in the helio (Sun centered) version.  This COULD imply yet another disruption in traditions (including “but it’s how we have always done things”) that can lead more insightful observers to a possible “Aha!” moment.  This perfects at 9:49 PM Central (2149 CDT), but, at a minimum, we have felt it all day and surely since at least a week ago (or more).

By far, Mercury is the most active object, moving into Taurus (tropical, geocentric) and making a total three aspects from that vantage point and SEVEN (7) from the heliocentric (Sun centered rather than Earth centered) vantage pointThe big issues today involve transportation and communication and possibly theft or deceit or variations on criminality.  Helio also shows Mercury forming TWO BiNoviles, so expect insights and Aha! moments at those times.

Sun biseptile Pluto brings more “Aha!” moments, but these may be “karmic” as is typically true with septile family aspects.  Pay your dues, if you must, and learn the lesson and move on.

Lunar aspects are mostly ordinary but an early morning biquintile to Saturn COULD yield an “Aha!” moment on how to do ordinary, practical, “day to day” tasks a little better.  In the evening, a sesquiquadrate (SSQ) with Mars brings an annoyance or sense of urgency about some matter or both.


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Marsout (Heliocentric)

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Sunout (Heliocentric)

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July 10, 2017 (Julian 191) Mars square Eris

July 10, 2017 (Julian 191) Mars square Eris

First, let us dispense with the more ordinary aspects of the day.  The Moon is past full and now waning.  Some still count it as full, but it is void of course in Capricorn (possibly the most useless void imaginable), but moves into Aquarius slightly past midnight CDT.  Frankly, we would declare the lunation as “over” by the time this sign change occurs.

What dominates?  Others have discussed the Sun opposite Pluto.  That will have perfected by the time you read this, but it does have an influence and can provide energy to accomplish useful work IF power struggles and spats and altercations and such (oh, my!) can be avoided.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn COULD also be viewed as “annoying,” but we agree with others who interpret it as giving many of us the focus to pay attention to important details that might be overlooked.

We have become increasingly interested in higher order (fifth harmonic (quintiles) and seventh harmonic (septiles)) aspects and also interactions of outer planet (or “generational”) bodies.  This includes asteroids and distant objects such as Sedna.

Mars squares Eris today.  Similar to Sedna, Eris is a distant object, but it is typically associated with chaos, sometimes massive chaos.  With Mars square Eris today, and likely creating a T-Square with Pluto, we think today, and maybe this week, could be another dangerous one.  We urge you to be careful.

But, again, beyond the danger (if you can stay safe), chances are good that you might can accomplish things today beyond your ordinary abilities.  And if you do not accomplish, then you will make definitive discoveries as to exactly what the roadblocks are.

June 9, 2017 (Julian 160) Full Moon + Jupiter Direct Station

June 9, 2017 (Julian 160) Full Moon + Jupiter Direct Station

What can we add?  Much, if not all, of our most important comments were for yesterday, with the Moon in (early) Sagittarius and waxing.  Today’s FM perfects in the morning hours for the Western Hemisphere, and mid afternoon hours for UK / EU.  Much has been written about it, and we have reblogged the many opinions of others on our other blog, Full Moons Only.

The same kind of thing is true for today’s Jupiter Direct station, reblogged on Retrogrades Only.  You will notice less content there.  That is because most commentary about the Jupiter shift has been integrated into the full moon posts.

So what remains to be said?  Outside of my usual analytic self, I feel a profound sense of sadness.  To be certain, this is a happy FM and is happening in the spring of the year.  But something has had an effect on me, maybe the many terrorists acts and atrocities.  Maybe it is this piece by OneAnna (Cancer Killing Recipe).  Her blog lacks the sophisticated trickery that many of us use, but she was here when I started blogging in 2008, and she has managed to survive despite the diagnosis she claims.  If it is her time, then that leaves me sad.

What else to say?  Sun forms one of two annual quincunx aspects with Pluto.  (Pluto is in Capricorn; one quincunx is in Aries and the other is in Gemini.  This is the latter.  These will continue to happen in similar configurations for a few more years.  And do keep in mind that sesquiquadrates, and the potential for Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) aspects always accompanies those.)  With Sun / Pluto at 17 and Neptune at 14, I think we can argue that a Yod exists (major decisions) with Pluto at the apex.  This is a particularly uncomfortable decision no matter which choice you make.  (No matter which “leg” you choose, you end up with Pluto: death, taxes, poisons, assassinations, police, and intelligence agencies.)

Venus (Taurus, favorable) sextiles Mars (Cancer, unfavorable), and this means peace on one hand (“good”) but a profound lack of incentive to “get things done” (“bad”) on the other hand.  Whether this works for you, or against, depends on who you are and what situation characterizes your life.  For some, this is “good,” and for others it is “bad.”  Here is what is important to remember: you CAN “get things done” if you are willing to make the effort.  Anything involving long distance travel, higher education (universities), or law & legal will tend to fizzle, so you might focus your efforts in other areas if you find no progress in those.

Outers are busy today, and three aspects capture our attention.  Chiron (Pisces) sesquiquadrate Vesta (Leo) will affect some, and you will have a sense of urgency to deal with issues involving healthcare, higher education, mentors and the traditions associated with those.  Do what you can, keeping in mind the considerations of the previous paragraph.  Pallas biseptiles Hygeia, amplifying any issues involving health or healthcare issues.  Saturn triseptiles the White Moon, and we are not quite sure what that means EXCEPT that this is an important time to closely scrutinize the choices you have been making and your habits.  A change may be needed in a subtle area that may look insignificant but is not.  (Example: buying an expensive coffee each day instead of placing those funds in savings.)

The message of OneAnna has us thinking, and we offer it to anyone willing to receive it: