2020-04-26 : Sun conjunct Uranus forms T-Square with Saturn & Astraea

2020-04-26 : Sun conjunct Uranus forms T-Square with Saturn & Astraea


Do not think, even for a moment, that the weirdness of the past few days is over.  We will have “fun” again, but the disruptions continue for now.

Sun conjunct Uranus (both in early Taurus) has been the subject of frequent chatter.  It happens once a year, every year, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  That aspect has a reputation for “stirring things up,” but it tends to be a “wake up call” for those with the eyes (or ears) to see (or hear) that.  And, always, a few smart people will profit from the events.

At this time, Saturn (Aquarius) opposes Astraea (Leo), meaning that (non-legal) authority (probably the financial services industry) is in opposition to law and legal authority (and the courts).  Squaring both are the conjoined Sun / Uranus combination.  Attorneys at law are likely working overtime this weekend.

Heliocentric Marsout, something new (to us) that we are exploring, shows Mars square Chiron.  Helio charts do have different interpretations, but we will risk applying a standard one: Mars (aggression, violence, sometimes police or military) is in conflict with Chiron (the wounded healer).  Expect conflicts with healthcare (and educational institutions) to continue, maybe peaking today (for now).  A serious risk might be that of violence as people who have been harmed fail to obtain justice and, consequently, “take matters into their own hands.”

Sunout aspects include several with Mercury and novile family aspects with both Mercury and VenusExpect “Aha!” moments with regard to routine tasks, chores, communication, and transportation.  If the Sun / Uranus does not derail you, this might be the time to explore home improvements or decorations.

Helio Venus trines Ceres bringing hope regarding improved supply chains in certain areas.  (Is the shortage of toilet paper and bread over?)  Also Helio, Mercury movies into Aries, finally completely liberating Mercury from a difficult place.  Communications and transportation problems should begin to clear (once we are past any Sun / Uranus weirdness).

Moon forms sesquiquadrates (SSQs) with Jupiter and Saturn, adding either minor annoyances or a sense of urgency or both to the earlier part of the day.  A number of SSQs are in play now, so these annoyances (or sense of urgency) are simply part of the picture.  As is true with so many things, they will clear out before long.

We are dropping the Table of Aspects and Time Maps  for now because (1) they are duplicative, (2) they are a bit more work that does not seem to add much, and (3) we can add them back if someone really needs them.

T-Square: Sun / Uranus conjunction squared by Saturn / Astraea in opposition to each other

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Marsout (Tropical, Geocentric)

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Marsout (Heliocentric)

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Sunout (Helioentric)

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May 6, 2017 (Julian 126) Mars SemiSquare Uranus + (Day Off)

 May 6, 2017 (Julian 126) Mars SemiSquare Uranus + (Day Off)

We are taking a day off from writing a more detailed regular forecast.  We do note these two things: (1) Moon in Virgo forms a T-Square with Saturn in Sadge & Chiron in Pisces in the morning leading either to conflicts or a sense of urgency, probably involving healthcare and/or educational matters.  (2) Mars SemiSquare Uranus gives us another risky day with possible accidents / explosions a real risk (or maybe still dangerous people).

Moon is v/c in Virgo from 7:40 AM CDT until 1:20 PM CDT when it moves into Libra (and the “too early to tell” realm for much of the rest of the day.  The election in France is tomorrow, and that will be very important.

Astrology Forecast for April 8, 2017 (Julian 098)

Hollywood is famous for writing movies with happy endings on the premise that they sell better.  While articles that satirize the process (like this one) might be funny, no one really likes them.

This fact really sucks when you are an astrologer writing a forecast and have a weekend like this one with the Sun/Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto T-Square (add Vesta: Grand Cross) causing “things” to go boom (along with President Trump, Putin, and sundry Middle Eastern Players).  Retrograde Venus (Pisces) squares Retrograde Saturn and it all looks rather bleak.  We wrote about it yesterday, and Clarissa (Viva Combusta) has detailed the nuances in an excellent piece, quite popular on our main blog (Grand Trines).  In a short phrase: it ain’t over yet.

What possible “happy ending” can you write with a mess like that?

Astro-Butterfly has a nice piece about this month, and we recommend it if you like to at least attempt to plan ahead.

Lunar aspects are sundry, and a mix like that is always tricky to interpret.  But we think the Moon Sesquiquadrate Mercury near Noon CDT is the most important.  To use a horrific old Southern saying (arguably “Southern Gothic“), we will all be “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

Shakespeare elegantly titled a play: “Much Ado about Nothing.”  (Let us be clear: the Sarin gas in Syria and missles that followed are a big thing; but chances are good that your frantic chase today is NOT despite how bad it may currently look.)

Keep in mind that you do have at least SOME choice in this matter!  (So, how to proceed?)

Moon in Virgo is great for scrubbing and cleaning, so please do use the energy that way instead of a frantic chase after something you simple cannot achieve at this time, if ever.  Windows to “get it done,” whatever “it” is, will come again next week or sometime in May after Mercury moves direct.  Postpone “it” until then and focus on what you can actually achieve to get the most out of this day.  This day CAN productive and useful (but probably NOT the best of “party days” for most people).

Outers are very nearly silent EXCEPT for the curious aspect of a perfection of Saturn BiQuintile Ceres.  This indicates a very odd kind of creativity that is ENTIRELY focused on practical matters such as reorganizing your food pantry or something similar.  Curiously, such a reorganization of basic elements of prosperity such as our pantry or our kitchen on this date can produce a MAJOR cascade of helpful events.  Ditto for review of the home budget.

The Full Moon cometh on April 10th, only two days away.  Best to be a seller now and a buyer then.  And we almost never recommend scrubbing and cleaning during a waxing moon, but today is a noteworthy exception.

And, stay away from Choctaw Ridge.