2020-04-28 : Expect disruptions to legal systems & supply chains; take care of detailed paperwork such as filing taxes

Expect disruptions to legal systems & Supply chains; take care of detailed paperwork such as filing taxes


  • Legal upsets continue as Uranus squares Astraea (felt as far back as last week) at 1:52 PM (1352 CDT); Helio Venus squares Jupiter, a confirmation of this turmoil in legal areas and legal systems (courts) but (Tropical, Geocentric) Moon quadrinoviles Jupiter at 1:22 AM (0122 CDT) to provide some “Aha!” moments on how to solve these problems *IF* people pay attention to these fleeting ideas; a key point: the insight comes first, telling us to “get ahead of the problem”; plan (and act) accordingly
  • Vesta sesquiquadrate Pallas brings a sense of urgency to put new ideas (Pallas) into practice regarding old traditions (and Tara Greene says that Vesta governs investments as well, obviously along with Venus)
  • Astraea (law and legal) perfects a biseptile to Eris (discord & chaos) at 2:45 PM (1445 CDT) bringing important lessons (karmic lessons) on how to handle similar sources of chaos in legal areas in the future
  • Mars semisextile Neptune at 3:48 PM (1548 CDT); watch out for those all to slick “traveling salesmen” types; if it sounds too good to be true, it is
  • Mercury square Saturn at 12:27 PM (1227 CDT) gives many of us the focus to take care of certain detailed matters.  For many people, this is a GREAT time to do your taxes or take care of detailed accounting issues; Mercury squares Pallas at 1:53 AM (0153 CDT) and that gives us the ideas and insights that we do need to take care of these matters (and maybe some smart ideas regarding how to make this happen); as an aside: DO NOT wait until the next Mercury retrograde to get on top of this; you will feel the pain if you do
  • Helio: Mars trines Uranus at 4:30 AM (0430 CDT) giving some people the insights and ability to take action to solve certain problems (probably involving finance or supply chains)
  • Mercury semisextile Ceres at 6:54 AM (0654 CDT) brings relief to certain supply chain issues



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Marsout (Helio)

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Sunout (Helio)

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June 19, 2017 (Julian 170) Moon in Aries moves into Taurus

June 19, 2017 (Julian 170) Moon in Aries moves into Taurus

Venus perfects a quincunx to Jupiter near 7 AM CDT, forcing a decision as we discussed was in play yesterday.  While yods do not indicate one path or the other, then slight tendency here for many people is to take the “practical” answer regarding love, relationships, money, or possibly health today.  You will get a clear cut result from that, but it may not have long term “staying power,” especially when Mercury retrograde hits in about a month.  The other choice, the more abstract and intangible choice that Neptune in Pisces offers is not at all clear cut and may yield no results whatsoever.  But, be certain of this: choosing this path will have long term consequences.  We cannot tell you which one to pick, but if you look back to certain periods, you might find the antecedent to today (and this week).

Which periods?  We think October of 2016 will be one of those periods for some people, as is May 17th of this year with a followup on July 4th of this year.  For some people (maybe some of the same as the previous comment), The Grand Yod of September 2014 will provide insight to the turning points that “got us where we are.”  We hope that a review of these time periods, where we often recommended that you keep notes about the events of the day, may yield important insights.

Venus forms a semi-square with Chiron (Pisces, health, healthcare, education, and mentors), and we suspect that the Venus path that we described in the previous paragraphs may not necessarily be easy.  Venus also forms a semi-square with the Sun (Gemini), and this adds even more pressure to make a decision and difficulty to the “Venus choice.”  This is not an easy day, and many of your are better off if you spend time “cleaning house” and discarding the unnecessary.  However, “circumstances” may not permit you to do this.

To complicate “things” further, Venus is about to enter the “third gate,” which it will due about 5:30 PM CDT Tuesday (tomorrow).  The last time I talked about this, I thought that Tuesday (the Second Gate) would be dangerous, but it was the day before, Monday when a tragedy happened at a concert in the UK.

Mars aspects SOMEthing everyday this week, including Outers (“big picture” generational planets and asteroids) except Saturday.  Many days have TWO Mars aspects.  (Today, Mars opposes Hygeia (health and healthcare) and quintiles Uranus (surprises, sometimes explosions).  We have a New Moon coming, and that follows the Summer Solstice.  Periods that precede either of those tend to have more of a “fate” quality (less “free will”), and they lay the groundwork for major shifts that often affect all of us.  Needless to say, I am a bit concerned.

Beyond this, I stick with my forecast on Weekly Forecasts.  Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and Air (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) signs are wise to accomplish the most important tasks before the Moon in Aries goes void near 2 PM CDT.  Earth and Water can accrue some advantage waiting until after 5 PM CDT, but we are in a “too early to tell” period then, and some “re-do” might be necessary for everyone.

Andy Candypants has a wonderful forecast for today, and it is not as grim as mind.  Different people see different things when they read the aspects.  Helen Edey also has a useful forecast.   Maybe between the three of us, and the others I reblog, you can find a forecast that works for you and helps make the day the best that you can have.