2020-04-30 : Sun septile North Node (Rahu); Venus biquintile Pluto; Vesta septile Eris; Destiny has arrived for millions

2020-04-30 : Sun septile North Node (Rahu); Venus biquintile Pluto; Vesta septile Eris; Destiny has arrived for millions.


Days like this are difficult to write for.  That is not because the astrology does not speak.  It does speak.  Unfortunately, it tells us what we already know.  This will be an exercise, therefore, in what some call “confirmation bias.”  But, we can only read what we are given.

Unlike a diplomat or seasoned “sales executive,” we present the bad news first.  The bad news is this: Vesta forms a septile with Astraea.  We interpret that combination thus: traditions (Vesta) enter into a “karmic” relationship (that can produce insights from “lessons learned”) with Eris, the goddess of Discord (and retribution)Tara Greene interprets Vesta to be related to “inVESTments.”  (“VENUS turns RETROGRADE conjunct VESTA the asteroid GODDESS of in VESTments, You can’t make this shit up, “)  JBuss describes the Septile as an aspect of “timing”:  “The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.  I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing.

An alternative interpretation to mine, and NOT inconsistent with mine (i.e. both things could be true), is that Investments are meeting Discord in a manner related to timing.  Could this be the day that sets the stage for what comes next when certain businesses open for customers again, restaurants and cinemas and such.  The best that we can hope for is that most of the businesses are saved and we do NOT have a second wave.  But almost everyone observing, adults (and maybe teenagers) of sound mind & body, knows that SOMEthing will come out of this.  We just do not know what.

And given this “Vesta septile Eris” aspect perfecting today, it does not sound “encouraging.”

That’s the bad news, and nobody needs astrology to draw this conclusion.

One more time, the BEST that we can hope for is some sense of “normal.” 

(But the “mid-term grades” may not be so good.)

Now for the rest of the story:

  • Sun septile North Node: another confirmation of this idea of “fate” being in play here; many of us will desperately try to control what cannot be controlled.
  • Mercury biseptile Mars: the potential for violence continues though violent words are more likely than violent acts; as you watch events unfold, ask yourself this: how could this have been handled differently (actually, I think that the conduct of most people has been exemplary)
  • Venus quincunx Neptune : the person I consider to have been my primary teacher in astrology (several of those, but I spent more time with one than all others combined) HATED the quincunx.  I recall him saying “it is worse than the squares.”  It is the aspect of false hopes and miscommunicationsThough Neptune is considered a “higher octave of Venus,” in this case they simply have nothing in common whatsoever.
  • Venus biquintile Pluto: Financial markets, and their performance, will be a central issue at this time; an important insight can be had from today.
  • Ceres trine North Node: supply chains appear to start moving again.

“Oddly, today is a “feel good” kind of day (Moon in Leo squares Sun in Taurus) where we feel a sense of relief that “things” are starting to move again.  But, at the same time, we are all quite apprehensive about the risks & dangers that face us.  If you are “at risk” at all, I exhort you to stay home and stay safe and practice the best practices you can with regard to protecting yourself (and your family) from this virus.

As we said in the beginning: no astrology needed to produce these predictions.

But, sometimes, that is what we are given from astrology: the obvious.



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Marsout (Helio)

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Sunout (Helio)

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2020-04-05 SUN: Mars BiNovile Eris; Hygeia SSQ Selena; Venus Quintile Neptune; Moon BiQuintile Sun

These aspects have been discussed elsewhere. We will not provide an analysis at this time, but may reference this date and these aspects in future posts (such as an analysis of the upcoming Full Moon). In this post, we specifically offer the DayPages: Marsout, Sunout, Moonout, and SunMoon, in that order.

June 20, 2017 (Julian 171) Summer Solstice at 11:25 PM CDT

June 20, 2017 (Julian 171) Summer Solstice at 11:25 PM CDT

A solstice or equinox point is enough to make a day interesting.  Technically, that happens on the 21st if you live in EDT or points east (EU / UK) but today if CDT or points west (including California, Alaska, and Hawaii).  Many have discussed solstice points, and we will not elaborate except to say Cancer begins here.  Cancer is usually a benevolent sign, but it CAN produce monsters (and an excellent example is Ariel Castro).  I have seen others, both in the news (Jodi Arias, O J Simpson) and personally.  I have also seen Cancerians who are benevolent people.  But, let’s be clear for anyone who thinks Cancer is always inherently benevolent: Cancer can (and does) produce monsters.

But for most of us, the Summer Solstice is usually benevolent (unless we overdo alcohol or other mood altering drugs or engage in other dangerous behavior).  The Sun is VOID today (something we do not discuss much, usually it is the moon v/c that we discuss most), and “things” taken on today may not last.

The Moon is in DOTM (Dark of the Moon), and that makes this a VERY good time to tap into the intuitive side of ourselves, sometimes receiving messages from those who are no longer incarnate on earth, a time we usually associate with Halloween.  (But, it can, and does, happen at other times of the year.  This is one of them.)  One more thing: at almost the exact moment of the solstice, ever so slightly past, the Moon perfects a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and turns void, remaining void on Wednesday until 5:44 PM CDT.  Effectively, we move from a long solar void directly into a long lunar void.

Venus (Taurus) sextiles Neptune (Pisces), and that is associated with romantic adventures (which might not last, given other considerations, yet still be worthwhile due to fond memories).  What is not commonly know is that the Taurus / Pisces aspect can be real moneymakers sometimes, and this particular combination (Venus in its home and Neptune in its home) is one that can lead to “genius level” in moneymaking or development of art.

If you are at all inclined to be a creative, take today to manifest your perhaps latent talents.  Even if today does not directly pay off in an obvious way, you will find you WILL reap benefits of some kind at some point later.  Do not give up too soon on your gift. (A lesson I need to hear myself from time to time.  I make no money from writing these forecasts, at least not yet.)

As we mentioned yesterday, Venus (as Inanna) is at the Third Gate.  This year, and this iteration of the cycle, the First Gate was associated with the election in France.  The Second Gate was associated with a terrorist bombing at a concert in Manchester, UK.  Mars is active with Outer planets / outer objects (mostly asteroids) all week, so we think that it could be dangerous for some people.  We urge you to be careful today (and tomorrow).

A number of disturbing and dangerous events have been reported in the news, but the one that concerns us most involves a Navy “Superhornet” fighter jet shooting down a Syrian plane, a response that came after “the [Syrian] SU-22 jet dropped bombs on Sunday near American-backed fighters combating the Islamic State.”  Our response was provoked, I have no doubt about that, but I am also worried that we may be teetering on the brink of a very “hot” war.

If you have read my predictions for at least a few months, then you know I wrote about this the day of the election, last November (2016).  Some have said they think that the market is a bit too high (what has been called “irrational exuberance” in the past), and I hope they are wrong but worry that they might be right.  A number of other astrologers have claimed that a war will be tied to the eclipse of August 21st.  In any case, I am a bit worried about this “Third Gate.”  So, again, be careful.  (And don’t steal any North Korea propaganda posters off the hotel wall.  They take that kind of thing rather seriously.)

But, let’s make the main point again: if you have any artistic (or moneymaking) inclinations at all, you should take the plunge despite the other indications.  This may not take you where you expect, but chances are good that you will like results anyway, despite the fact that they may be unexpected or in a different direction.  Write character sketches of people you know for that novel you keep meaning to write, draw a diagram of the way the parts of your life fit together, (or not) write a poem about the most important person, or people, in your life or whatever else might capture your fancy.  Do an internet search for ideas if you must.  <We have other comments on this day at Weekly Forecasts>

As long as it is not dangerous, be willing to take a risk and do something a bit different (and artistic).